You Only Live Once

Around 9 am Weekday Morning Jackson police received a tip that there was a lady riding a motorcycle in her birthday suit.

The couple was able to drive through the town until an officer at a gas station noticed the naked rider go by and began to give chase. After the couple was pulled over they had no explanation besides being thrill seekers and that they were on their way home.

The lady was issued a misdemeanor for indecent exposure and sent on her way..Check out the video..Don't worry she is blurred out!

This woman was captured on video riding a motorcycle naked during the morning rush hour

JACKSON, Mich. - A woman has been cited for indecent exposure after being spotted riding on a motorcycle in Jackson It happened Wednesday morning at around 9:15 a.m. The incident was caught on video. The woman, who was riding as a passenger, was then spotted by an officer, who gave chase before losing her for a short period of time.