A Look At The Pets Of CSX! - Doni

Donielle Flynn (Sundays 7pm-12am)
Pet Names: Peach, Daisy & Chewy

Donielle Flynn has two cats and a dog.  They are all from rescues, but who will rescue her from these animals?  "I love our pets.  Don't get me wrong.  However, there are a few quirks that I could do without."

STEAK EATER: Real name, Princess Peach.  Weighing it at FIVE pounds, you have never seen a cat with a more voracious appetite.  Claim to fame: She once stole an entire steak... with stealth.  #BadKitty

BASEMENT SCAREDY CAT: Real name, Princess Daisy.  Peach's sister is scared of the basement... which is where her litter box WAS.  After  throwing out the rug Daisy used as a first floor bathroom, Donielle now keeps a litter box in her laundry room.  #NotIdeal

THE STINK SEEKER: Real name, Chewy.  Weighing in at 50 pounds, Chewy is part Hound.  Hounds like to hunt.  How do you prepare yourself for the hunt?  You cover your scent by rolling in other animals' pooh. Gross.  CLAIM TO FAME: Chewy got herself sprayed in the face by a skunk less than an HOUR after returning from the groomers.  #Repeatcustomer

A SIDE NOTE FROM DONIELLE: Having aired my pets' dirty secrets, I have to say that they have brought a lot of joy to our home.  I'm glad to have taken them in and I am still a huge advocate of rescue animals.