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WCSX Classic Cuts : Desperado

WCSX Classic Cuts

The Eagles: "Desperado"

The Hook: Guitarist Bernie Leadon calls it Don Henley's "first really sensationally great lyric."

Album: Desperado

Year: 1973

Writers: Glenn Frey and Don Henley

Stats: Never released as a single, it's remained one of the group's live and classic rock radio staples.

Background: The Eagles second album, Desperado, is the album that saw singer-drummer Don Henley blossom as a songwriter. Guitarist Bernie Leadon believes its title track was the song that best showed what he was capable of.

Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon on “Deperado”’s role in the careers of The Eagles and its lyricist, Don Henley. OC:…the beginning. :28

“Apart from ‘Witchy Woman,’ on the first album he didn’t write anything. And on the second album he started writing more, but ‘Desperado,’ in my opinion, was his first really sensationally great lyric. It’s a pretty amazing lyric and it’s a pretty amazing song, and he’s shown since more of the same kind of intelligent commentary on life in general and the ability to use really intelligent metaphors. That’s a really interesting aspect, I think, about The Eagles’ progression is that Henley didn’t write that much in the beginning.”


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