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WCSX Classic Cuts : Tie Your Mother Down

WCSX Classic Cuts

Queen: "Tie Your Mother Down"

The Hook: If the title fits, use it.

Album: A Day at the Races

Year: 1976

Writer: Brian May

Stats: Peaked at number-49 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: According to Wikipedia, Freddie Mercury said he never knew why Brian May titled a song "Tie Your Mother Down." We asked Brian, and actually there isn't all that much to know.

Queen guitarist Brian May on how the title “Tie Your Mother Down” came about. OC:…about it. :15

“It just fitted the riff, really. It seemed appropriate. [laughs] It’s one of those things where you sing something along to it and you think, ‘Well, we can’t call it that, we’ll have to write some proper words one day.’ And then we thought, ‘Well, why not, you know? It seems to have the right sort of feeling about it.”

Queen - Tie Your Mother Down (Official Video)

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