Feel Good Friday-Arthur The Dog

Today's Feel Good Friday tells the story of one brave dog named Arthur who was on a search to find a family. 

Adventure racing is less competition than survival test. The sport is not very popular in America but popular globally. The race covers hundreds of miles across uncharted courses, some of the most extreme conditions in the world and in 2014 Arthur the dog joined the Sweden team.

On Day 4 of the race, the team reached a transition area, during the change a dog appeared out of nowhere and was is very poor condition with severe injuries. After the team began to continue the race Arthur followed and never looked back.  Here is the story on how Arthur found more than just a family!

A Dog's Remarkable Journey To Find A Home | SC Featured | ESPN Stories

A distance of 6,455 miles doesn't begin to measure the journey one dog named Arthur made to join a team and find a family.