Employment After Deployment

Everyone in Big Jim's House appreciates the amazing men and women who served our country - and we know how hard it can be to find work when you come home.

That's where "Employment after Deployment" comes in! Tell us about your job experience, skill sets and what kind of job you're looking for --


Big Jim's House Morning Show wants to help the men and women who serve our country find work when they come home with through the 94.7 WCSX-FM "Employment after Deployment initiative.

Once a week we'll randomly select a veteran (like you) to feature on the air and do our best to match you up with employers all over the Detroit area.


That's me (Big Jim) in the back working in the radio shack on board the USS John C Calhoun (SSBN-630) -- spent 8 years in the Navy. Loved every minute of it (except boot camp). As a proud veteran of the US Naval Submarine Service, I've always wanted to find ways to give back and support fellow veterans.


Here's Erin's Dad and brother who both served (THANK YOU!)