Car Fails

That's NOT a parking lot

This happened in Chile, a lady was confused and drove her car into a stairwell. Then watch what happens. NO ONE was hurt! This is not a parking lot entrance... ► Subscribe to GlobalLeaks: A driver in Chile somehow confuses a building entrance with a parking lot. She then gets out of her vehicle,…

Destroying a Ferrari in one hour

I've never been in the position to drop a small fortune on a rare Ferrari, but if I did, I KNOW I'd want to take it out onto the open roads to see what it can really do. A guy in South Yorkshire, England bought a limited-edition Ferrari 430 on Thursday.  He paid $288,000 for…

Nice job!

You're leaving a concert -- more specifically the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas. How's your driving? Ummmm...let's go to the twitter page. If no one claims it, they could probably try to get it back at the Police auction.