Car Fails


Check out this crash during a qualifying race in Macau, China in GP series. Check out the massive pileup from a couple of different angles (cue in about 1:50 in the first video) FIA GT World Cup 2017. Qualification Race Macau Grand Prix. Huge Pile Up Meanwhile in Macau   Car Crash at Macau GP…

NEW Equinox -- take a ride

Some pretty big changes to the Chevy Equinox -- how did it come out? Big Jim O'Brien takes a test drive and shows you the new styling and features. In The Garage With Jim O'Brien 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Join Big Jim outside of the garage as he rolls through with the 2018 Chevy Equinox..

The Philadelphia Experiment Bentley

Who hasn't wanted to own a Bentley? Imagine getting one valued at $131,000 for UNDER $10,000? It's's real!!! Oh wait, there's a guardrail through one entire side of the car...oops. The driver had a run-in with a guard rail in South Carolina, and it's embedded in the car. No word on whether or not…

He survived.

Ever have your car hydroplane? Check out this Toyota MR2 that went off the road in England...somehow the driver walked away with only minor injuries. Derbys Roads Police on Twitter A50 J2 to J3. Lucky to escape with minor injuries after hitting standing water then a Lamp Post. Drive to the conditions. #DriveToArrive

That's NOT a parking lot

This happened in Chile, a lady was confused and drove her car into a stairwell. Then watch what happens. NO ONE was hurt! This is not a parking lot entrance... ► Subscribe to GlobalLeaks: A driver in Chile somehow confuses a building entrance with a parking lot. She then gets out of her vehicle,…

Destroying a Ferrari in one hour

I've never been in the position to drop a small fortune on a rare Ferrari, but if I did, I KNOW I'd want to take it out onto the open roads to see what it can really do. A guy in South Yorkshire, England bought a limited-edition Ferrari 430 on Thursday.  He paid $288,000 for…

Nice job!

You're leaving a concert -- more specifically the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas. How's your driving? Ummmm...let's go to the twitter page. If no one claims it, they could probably try to get it back at the Police auction.