People Helped

13. HELPED: Christmas Help

Help with Christmas presents for my 3 younger siblings. One 16 year old boy, one 14 year old girl, and one 12 year old boy. I'm 19 years old, and I try my hardest to give my siblings everything I didn't get. Thank you to Allison for helping with this need. 

08. HELPED: Financial Assistance

I am asking for help for one of the most caring, gentle, giving people I know. My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer. She works at a hospital as a patient sitter (a sitter stays with patients who are not safe to be alone they keep the patient safe without using restraints)…

04. HELPED: Home Repairs

I am asking for help for my dad who doesn't have a furnace! He's a carpenter and has done this stuff for himself his whole life, but illness has taken his ability to do it for himself away! He has a furnace, but it needs to be installed and duct work needs to be done.…