We were talking injuries last week on the show - and we got the most amazing story - about hitting a friend in the head with an axe, and stitching him up at home! (click audio to hear the original call). NOW we have photos and his description of what happened...amazing.

I'm pretty sure it was my senior year at high school so back in 2004. Me and my friends were drinking out in Dans garage and listening to some vinyl (yea i said it). At some point it became a good idea to start a little project. Dans dad had gotten a 56' ford with a wood plank bed a few weeks before and he wanted to restore the truck. So being the nice guys we were we started to tear out the old wood planks for him. We grabbed all the axes, hatchets, and hammers we could find and started going to work. Ted was at the back of the truck chopping like a mad man with a double sided axe when Chuck unfortunately got in the way of his back swing. As soon as he got hit we all stopped and looked to see if he was ok. Thats when we all realized that Ted had a double sided axe and Chucks hand immediately went to his face. Everyone freaked out and started asking if he was ok and his response was "i don't know am i bleeding?". As soon as he moved his hand away blood started flowing from just above his eye and thats when we realized we were in some trouble. I told Chuck to let me see it and it was bad, like really bad. I told him he needed to go to the hospital and get stitches. His response was "no fix it". I then told him i could butterfly it but he needed stitches and medical attention. Again he said "no, i dont care what you have to do but fix it. im drunk and on probation im not going to the hospital". I told him ok lets go inside. We laid him on the kitchen table and started prepping for some minor surgery. We gather our supplies peroxide, rubbing alcohol, a sewing needle, and some fishing line. I cleaned the wound the best i could and tried to sterilize the needle and line. Just before operation i told Will to go outside and grab me a stick. He asked why and i told him that Chuck may want something to bite down on. Now all cleaned up and with or stick i went to work. I ended up putting 6 stitches through his eyebrow/forehead area with my brothers help. Chuck claimed that the only part that hurt was when i had to bring the needle back through the skin. After all was said and done i grabbed some athletic tape and proceeded to butterfly over the wound just to make sure it stayed closed. After the operation was deemed a success we made some popcorn and went back to drinking. All and all it was a good night, nobody died and we didnt have to go to the hospital.