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Brian McCollum from the Detroit Free Press talks about The Quest to Pick The Top 100 Detroit Songs

The quest for the best Click here to scroll through the ballot of 500 entries and highlight the ones you'd like to vote for, then dole out points among them to submit your picks. Cast your vote for Detroit's greatest songs THE RESULTS ARE IN! We've started the countdown of Detroit's 100 Greatest Songs here. Check…
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Sonic Baptizm... On the Beat With Jason Hartless of Ted Nugent

In late 2012, Hartless joined Pistol Day Parade. With the band riding off of high popularity in the Michigan/Mid-West region, Goomba Music signed the band to a record deal.  Pistol Day Parade toured with fellow Detroit native, Ted Nugent on the Shut Up and Jam tour.  In Spring of 2016, Hartless replaced Dokken drummer, Mick…
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Anthony Kaczynski from Fireking / Figures on a Beach talks about The Detroit All-Star Garage Rock Punk Revue

The Detroit All-Star Garage Rock Punk Revue Fireking Dave Rave w/ Hailee Rose Saturday, August 6 at PJ's Lager House 1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48226 The show will feature performances of songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Detroit garage, rock and punk music scene. The music of bands like: The MC5, Iggy Pop,…
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Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash...talks about Massive New Box Set, The Flying V, and the early days of Prog Rock

Wishbone Ash Sept 18 Callahans Andy is one of the most notable players of the Gibson Flying V. The influence of his use of the distinctive instrument in rock is well documented. From early rock and roll, Andy moved on to soul and R&B, playing in bands around the London area. He cites his work…
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