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Did They Go Too Far

A Lady ordered a graduation cake for her son who was graduating High School with honors...The Grocery store thought that the cake was in bad taste so they did the editing themselves...

Gender Reveal Fail

Reveling the gender of your baby has become a big deal these days with couples finding new and exciting ways to do it...This reveal didn't happen as planned!

A Classic Rock Idol Visits Idol

American Idol finalist Gaby Barrett sang the Journey classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” on this season’s American Idol finale last night. She didn't know until she had finished that there was a very special guest in the audience. Former "Journey" singer Steve Perry was hidden in the audience.

Erin's Barbie Dream Closet

This morning Big Jim's House is discussing a new survey that talks about the amount of shoes the average woman has..This gave Erin a great reason to film inside her Barbie Dream Closet and show how many shoes she has!...