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About Classic Rock Morning Show


What’s yo name? Jim O'Brien

What’s yo game? Sports and Social Media (I like to tweet about table tennis).

How does your best friend describe you? Big dumb Irishman

How does your worst enemy describe you? Big dumb Irishman

Have you ever worked as a mascot? Only on my honeymoon (where's the "yeah baby" button)

Dogs, cats, or both, or neither? Both

If I inspect your refrigerator, what will I find in it? Food...and just a couple of beers.

What cars are in your dream garage? 1970 Superbird, Bullitt Mustang, Bugatti Veyron, AMC Rebel

Who’s the first celebrity you ever interviewed? Darius Rucker

Who’s the WORST interview you’ve ever attempted to conduct? Worst - Mickey Rooney (grumpy man) and Best - Kurt Busch (I'm a gearhead)

Bob Seger walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Hi Bob! (Everybody drink)

Matt Stafford walks into the room unexpectedly. What do you say? Jay Cutler sucks.

If broadcasting were outlawed, you would: Roadie for Rolling Stones.

What do you do when the vending machine completely refuses to accept your dollar bill? Scream "Jay Cutler sucks"

The greatest year for classic rock was: 1969 Because: Led Zeppelin 2

You’re on a desert island. You can have five albums, but nothing to play them on, which means they’re only good for looking at and reading the lyrics/liner notes. What are your five? Led Zeppelin 2, Live Bullet, ELO Out Of The Blue, Bad Company, Doors - LA Woman

You’re on a desert island. A battery operated CD player washes up on the beach. What five albums MUST you have to listen to? See above.

Person you most admire? My dad

Admit it. You’re afraid of the Mackinac Bridge, aren’t you…..yes because you can see through it. Not cool.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching entire seasons of shows on Netflix

Are you Facebook friends with your high school prom date? No your honor.

What would you give to see the Tigers win it all this year? Kwame's good knee

How do you explain the adventures of Kwame Kilpatrick to someone who’s never heard of him? The greatest story of failed potential ever

What do you love about Detroit? It's potential. Build on the past and move forward.

What do you love about WCSX? The coffee. And the fact that we're part of Detroit.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jiminthed