The Great White Rhino - driving the Tahoe RST

There’s a certain anxiety when you test drive a vehicle in bad weather. First off, it’s not yours (unless GM wants to change their minds and give it back) and then you hope and pray none of your peers find out what happened IF you dent it. We were getting ready for our annual  “snowmaggedon”…

The 2018 VW Atlas (cue the strong music)

We've been waiting to test drive this one: VW's first 3 row SUV, the Atlas. How does it hold up in such a competitive market? Check out the video review below - click here for more info on the Atlas 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV with Big Jim O'Brien Join Big Jim O'Brien from 94.7 WCSX…

JV's got a new toy

Remember Justin Verlander? Joking. Of course you do, he played for the Lio...Pist...wait, Tigers. You can take JV out of Detroit, but you can't take Detroit out of him. Case in point. Check out his new toy to park next the Ford GT - Elanor! (all pics courtesy Justin Verlander Instagram)

Boom goes the car. Drop the Axe.

Last week in Baltimore County, Maryland a man blew up his car after spritzing himself with body spray and lighting a cigarette. No really. Check out the pictures. The driver was walking around when fire department arrived -- no word on his cologne. **photos courtesy of Baltimore County Police**

Reviewing the 2018 Hyundai Elantra

Spent a quality week test driving the newly redesigned Hyundai Elantra SEL -- new look, new styling cues, but that's NOT the best feature (see if you agree). 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Review Big Jim's garage Big Jim steps outside of the garage for a look at the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT

Ep. 75 - Christina Nielsen

Talking IMSA racing with the first woman to win a major full-season professional sports car championship in North America, Christina Nielsen. We caught up with her at the Detroit International Academy for Young Women -- she was the keynote speaker along with Bud Denker from the Detroit Grand Prix (click here for ticket info). After…