Bear on a motorcycle playing a trumpet

Having a bad day? Take two minutes and watch this me. Russian Bear Riding A Motorbike Playing A Trumpet The chances of seeing a bear chilling in traffic are pretty low considering they're wild animals and all. Well this video from Russia has a bear casually sitting in a motorcycle sidecar playing the horn.

Going big in a Rugged Ridge Jeep

Had an absolute blast driving a Rugged Ridge Jeep (check them out here) -- totally get the Jeep thing (and NO, I didn't almost roll it). We go off roading in Michigan (and get a little muddy). In The Garage With Jim O'Brien Rugged Ridge Jeep Join Big Jim as he takes you off road…

Instant Karma -- oh wait, Carma

If you like instant karma videos, this will work.  Two guys were laughing while they recorded a car in front of them that kept swerving, then crashed into a pole.  And then Karma took over.  (warning! they drop the S bomb at the end) Real Life Final Destination Traffic Accident - Light Pole Decapitation -…

He survived.

Ever have your car hydroplane? Check out this Toyota MR2 that went off the road in England...somehow the driver walked away with only minor injuries. Derbys Roads Police on Twitter A50 J2 to J3. Lucky to escape with minor injuries after hitting standing water then a Lamp Post. Drive to the conditions. #DriveToArrive

Honda. It's an Odyssey.

Big changes to the 2018 Honda Odyssey...Big Jim O'Brien (@wcsxjim) takes it for a test drive and shows off some of the new features -- check it out! In The Garage With Jim O'Brien 2018 Honda Odyssey Step outside of the garage with Big Jim as he gives you his thoughts on the all new…

Once. Just Once. Just Once.

Bugatti set a new record with the Chiron (0-400km/h-0 and back to zero) in less that 45 seconds. Watch as Juan Pablo Montoya drives the hell out of this monster (and sets a world record) Bugatti Chiron 0 - 400 km/h Acceleration Bugatti Chiron 0 to 400 to 0 Acceleration - World Record - 41.96…

Dear Kia...PLEASE make this!

Our friends at Kia are going to debut the Proceed Concept next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. They've released a couple of pics to tease us....and damn, this looks awesome. What do you think? 

Ford Ranger Raptor - It's Real!

This MUST come to the United States -- to our friends at Ford -- BRING IT HERE!! Check out the Ford Ranger Raptor....currently only available in Australia. We won't see the Ranger (in any form) here in the states until 2019...looking forward to seeing what turns up at the Auto Show. But for now, enjoy…