The wheel on the car goes where?

Crazy video. These guys are in a shop in Turkey minding their own business when...well, watch what happens. DAILY SABAH on Twitter Wheel takes off from moving vehicle in Turkey's Adana, rolls into nearby pharmacy hitting two people

Your burnout is weak.

Didn't we all want to have the coolest burnout? This guy in Poland driving a Hellcat does just's a block long. Burnout HellCat ! From start to seventh gear 🙂 Greetings from Poland 🙂

National Mustang Day

Happy National Mustang Day - first unveiled on April 17th in 1964. Time to watch "Bullitt" with the sound turned up to 11. Bullitt - The Chase (part 1) The iconic scene of one of the greatest, if not the greatest ("thumbs up" if you agree), car chases of motion picture history...enjoy. (Parental Guidance Cautioned…

No brakes. No brakes!

Auto note. VERY important to have brakes -- especially when you're driving a Ferrari on a racetrack. Fortunately the driver walked away with only minor injuries. Ferrari Crash Estoril 8 Abril 2017 Uploaded by Lucio Almeida on 2017-04-08.

The Demon

It's 840 horsepower of pure hell unleashed...0 to 60 in well under 3 seconds (I just read that in my best "announcer voice"). The Challenger SRT Demon was unveiled in NYC on Tuesday night...and it's amazing. I caught up with Tim Kuniskis from FCA (head of NAFTA passenger brands) to talk about the reveal, some…

Wait. Is that lightning hitting a car?

So this guy is driving down a street in Morocco when lightning hits the car...he's okay. But here's what I want to know: Who was taping this? Did they know it was going to happen -- did they summon it like one of the X-Men? lightning hit a car - Morocco البرق يضرب سيارة في…

Is it a station wagon?

What do you think? Here's the new 2018 Buick Regal TourX -- very interesting look, but you'll notice it's NOT referred to as a station wagon. Hmmmm.