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Top 10 KISS Songs

Yes or No? Correct order? Which songs are missing, and what songs should not be on the list? Sure a lot of fun to watch!  

Top 10 Underrated Guitarists

Who should be on the list? And who should be off the list? These axe players are proof that sometimes pure talent is right in front of you. Here are the picks for the Top 10 Underrated Guitarists.  

Shark Eats Another Shark in South Korean Aquarium

A shark surprises visitors to a South Korean aquarium on Thursday by eating another smaller shark. The footage shows a large sand tiger shark slowly swallowing a smaller banded hound shark over the course of a day, leaving only the tip of the tail visible on Friday.  

HAPPY DAYS - Richie Says Goodbye To Fonzie And The Cunninghams (1983)

The Sad episode! After three years in the Army, Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) has returned home to Milwaukee with his pregnant wife Lori Beth (Lynda Goodfriend), son Richie, Jr. and friend Ralph Malph (Donny Most) in tow. Fonzie (Henry Winkler) and the Cunninghams are ecstatic to have them back, but Richie is in turmoil. He…