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Chupacabras Caught on Tape

Three recent chupacabra sightings, two happened last year ago in Texas and the 3rd one might be the most shocking of all time. A chupacabra is a cryptid creature that was first reported in 1995 to have killed eight sheep in Puerto Rico. Its often described as 4 and half to 5 feet tall, alien…

Keith Richards - Old Grey Whistle Test Interview 1974

"Keith Richards arrived with a bottle of Jack Daniels, which was pretty full when he got to the control room but by the time he got through to the studio it was two-thirds empty. He was in a state,". Keith Richards being interviewed for on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1974 about the album…

Detroit: "A Photographic History" (1800's-1920)

Pretty neat if you're a Detroit History fan. A picture video History of Detroit. Most photo's are courtesy of Library of Congress, digital section. In order to attain optimal effect and clarity of pictures, video should be watched on your computer's "full screen". Please feel free to share this video with family and friends.  

Why Do These Women Stretch Their Necks?

Starting at an early age, women of the Padaung tribe wear a coil of brass rings around their necks. This collar, and the elongated appearance it gives their necks over time, are Padaung symbols they wear proudly. In their native Myanmar, Padaung people often faced persecution over these visible tribal symbols. Now, having relocated to…

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Discuss Marriage & Their New Film Together

In a new interview, Hollywood super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie opened up to NBC’s Tom Brokaw about Jolie’s health issues, how marriage has changed them, and sharing the screen for the first time in 10 years in the upcoming drama “By the Sea.” Jolie wrote and directed the movie, but “she has no business…

10 Creepiest Surveillance Footage's

The 10 creepiest surveillance footage's. From the unexplained Jacksonville clowns to mysteries and disappearances, here are the 10 scariest videos of CCTV/surveillance/security tapes.  

Swimming With 100 Sharks and Not Knowing It!

Amazing video footage of a woman who is swimming near the beach shore but is completely oblivious to the 100 sharks swimming too close to her. The sharks have actually surrounded the woman but she is unaware of it. Suddenly she spots one of the sharks near her leg. She gets the fright of her…