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Top 10 Classic Rock "Liar" Songs

Big Whopping Liar Day Saturday Sept 17th: Top 10 Classic Songs about Lies

10) Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics

The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep

The Romantics' official music video for 'Talking In Your Sleep'. Click to listen to The Romantics on Spotify: As featured on The Romantics: Super Hits.

9) I can See For Miles – The Who

The Who- I can see for miles

Uploaded by None on 2007-07-12.

8) Don’t Ask Me No Questions – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Don't ask me no questions

A rocking song

7) I’d Lie For you (and That’s The Truth) - Meatloaf

Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (and that's the Truth) Official Videoclip

A really nice song... The love that the whole world should have.. 🙂

6) Cheat n’ Lie – Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep - Cheat 'n Lie

lyrics: Well, it seems to me That I've been cheated And it would appear That I've been lied to All the promises That you repeated Were never destined To come true When I stop to think How I once trusted you It's harder still To bear this doubt I'm a

5) Pretending – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton - "Pretending" [Official Music Video]

© 2007 WMG Eric Clapton - "Pretending" [Official Music Video] Connect with Eric:

4) Foolin’ Yourself - Styx

Styx - Fooling Yourself

styx performs fooling yourself live in st louis. if you like this clip, pick up arch allies live sty/reo.

3) Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac

fleetwood mac - little lies (1987)

from the album tango in the night If I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two Close my, close my, close my eyes But I couldn't find a way So I'll settle for one day to believe in you Tell me, tell me,

2) Liar – 3 Dog Night

THREE DOG NIGHT - LIAR (Rare Live 80s w / lyrics)

Sounds awesome with the volume cranked way up....... LYRICS: I won't ever leave, but you want me to stay Nothing you can do, that could turn me away Hanging on anyway Believing the things you say, being the fool You've taken my life, so take my soul That's what you said and I believed it all I want to be with you as long as you want me to But don't pull away Ain't that what you said?

1) Lyin’ Eyes – The Eagles

Eagles - Lyin' Eyes - ( Alta Calidad ) HD

Vídeo Remasterizado Y Audio Equalizado: Reducción de ruido, leves correcciones en chroma, mas nitidez, contraste y audio optimizado.