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WCSX Classic Cuts : Somebody To Love

WCSX Classic Cuts

Jefferson Airplane: "Somebody to Love"

The Hook: The Slick who wrote it wasn't the Slick who sang it.

Album: Surrealistic Pillow

Year: 1967

Writer: Darby Slick

Stats: Peaked at number-five on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: Jefferson Airplane's first hit single, "Somebody to Love," was brought into the group by their new singer, Grace Slick, who had already recorded it with her previous band, The Great Society. But although its songwriting credit reads Slick, she didn't write it. She explains who did and why their names are the same.

Grace Slick on “Somebody to Love,” which was written by another member of The Great Society, the group she sang in before joining Jefferson Airplane. OC:…married name. :21

“Darby Slick wrote all of it and he is the brother of Jerry Slick, who was our drummer, and I was married to the drummer, so there were three Slicks in the outfit. And that’s where my name comes from, it’s a married name. My real name is Grace Wing, W-I-N-G, but nobody would have believed that belonging to a group called Jefferson Airplane, anyway. So it was better that I used the married name.”

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (Live at Woodstock Music & Art Fair, 1969)

Jefferson Airplane performing "Somebody To Love" at the most famous music festival "Woodstock" in 1969.