Massive Asteroid Narrowly Misses Striking Earth

Yikes! An asteroid zipped right past Earth yesterday, narrowly missing striking our planet.

According to CNET, the Asteroid, called 2017 AG13, was closer to Earth than the moon as it passed by.

The incident occurred on Monday morning, shortly before 5 am.

Prior to the Asteroid narrowly missing Earth, Scientists at the Catalina Sky first identified its existence.

The Asteroid is described as being equivalent to the size of a 10 story building. Eek!

I guess at this point, we should all thank our lucky stars to be standing on Earth right now!

Because of the Asteroid's speed, it was very difficult to spot with a telescope.

Slooh on Twitter

We caught newly discovered asteroid 2017 AG13 as it made an extremely close approach to Earth this morning. It was closer than the Moon!

Astronomer Eric Edelman, goes into further detail about 2017 AG13 in this YouTube clip:

Asteroid Close Approach Clip

Slooh Astronomer, Eric Edelman, breaks down the unique characteristics about 2017 AG13, an asteroid that made it's closes approach just days after being discovered.


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