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New Bizarre Species Of Jellyfish Found

Aliens do exist…under the sea! The Mariana Trench is one of the deepest points on Earth and holds some rather bizarre sea life.

As a NOAA vessel was surveying the area, they spotted an unknown jellyfish floating in the ocean deep.

NOAA Ocean Explorer on Twitter

Beautiful jelly, seen at Enigma Seamount at ~3700m in Mariana region: #Okeanos

Sporting a slight red tint and a few bioluminescent yellow areas 12,139ft under the sea, the jellyfish was caught on camera going about its daily business. Experts were able to identify the genus the creature belongs too, but were unable to assign a precise name.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were also able to capture images of coral, various fish, a six gilled shark, and other deep water dwellers. All of their surveying can be seen on their live stream which will continue for the next six months.

The researchers hope to explore deep habitats and explore never-before-seen locations. The information will help to improve NOAA’s understanding about deep-sea habitats of the Mariana Trench.

Follow the researcher’s exhibition.