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WCSX Classic Cuts : I'm in Love With My Car

WCSX Classic Cuts

Queen: "I'm in Love With My Car"

The Hook: Although drummer Roger Taylor loves cars himself, he wrote it about one of the band's road crew.

A Night at the Opera

Year: 1975

Writer: Roger Taylor

Stats: The album track received some rock radio airplay at the time and has been performed often in concert.

Background: "I'm in Love With My Car" was written by Queen drummer Roger Taylor for A Night at the Opera. He explains what inspired it.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor on the song he wrote for A Night at the Opera, “I’m in Love With My Car.” OC:…cars myself. :25

“I love cars. I always have and I still do. I wrote it about a guy who worked for us at the time who was just so crazy about cars. He had an old Ferrari Dino, it’s a beautiful car. And he was so proud of this car he spent all the time polishing it, cradling it, rubbing it. And it was to him and all the guys that spend all their time loving their car. It’s as simple as that, really, ‘cause I could relate to that, being into cars myself.”

Queen - I'm In Love With My Car (Official Video)

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