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College Accidentally Gave Students Lethal Dose Of Caffeine

Yikes! A college in the UK accidentally gave students a lethal dose of caffeine during a lab experiment.

The experiment, which took place last year, was conducted by sports science students at Northumbria University.

According to Gizmodo, a couple of the students received 30 thousand milligrams of coffee, rather than the amount they should have received -- which was 300 milligrams.

In case you're wondering, 30 thousand milligrams of caffeine is equivalent to around 300 cups of coffee. That's more than double the lethal dose.

The study was being conducted in hopes of raising awareness about the dangers of caffeine overdose, and the students were trying to determine how much caffeine was right for their body, based on their weight and various other factors.

In two instances, the decimal point was placed in the wrong place, leading to the mix-up.

The two students who consumed toxic doses of caffeine did survive the ordeal, but were in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital for days after overdosing on caffeine.

Guess now you know not to drink 300 cups of coffee in one sitting, though that seems like it would be impossible.

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