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You Should Always Put A Quarter On A Frozen Cup Of Water Before Storms

This quarter trick could save your life.

This quarter-cup trick really comes in handy when you get back to your house after a hurricane.

According to WISN, "As Sheila Pulanco Russell, from North Carolina, explains in her post, all you need is a quarter and cup of water. Put the water in the freezer until it's frozen solid. Then, take it out, and put a quarter on top of the ice. Return the cup—with the quarter—back to the freezer."

If when you get back to your house and the quarter has sunk to the bottom of the cup, that means all of the food in your freezer has thawed completely at one point while you were gone and you should throw it out immediately. If the quarter stays at the top your electricity never went out. If the quarter is in the middle of the cup the electricity only went out for a little and your food may be okay, just be careful.

To check out Sheila Pulanco Russell's original Facebook post click here.

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