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You'll Never Guess How "Bank" The Sea Turtle Got His Name

After finding a sea turtle with a cracked shell, veterinarians took action to help the animal.

During the surgery, the vets found a ball inside the turtle’s stomach. The ball, weighing 11 pounds, was formed from loose change the turtle ate. In total, there were 915 coins found in the animal’s stomach.

A team of five veterinarians at the Chulalongkorn University took four hours to remove the change. The turtle was under general anesthesia and, because of the state of some of the coins the surgeons had to remove the coins one at a time. According to AP News, some of the coins found in the turtle’s stomach were “corroded or partially dissolved.”


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Here are those coins.


Nicknamed “bank”, the turtle lived near the eastern town of Sri Racha, Thailand. The book in which Bank lived has been a popular spot for people to throw coins in for luck. Bank has lived in the same location for all 25 years. That whole time, she has spent eating the shiny monies.


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Tossing coins into a fountain is usually something people do for good luck - but it wasn't lucky for this turtle in Thailand


This may make one question how they could do such an acting knowing there is an animal involved. However, in the Thai culture throwing coins on turtles is believed to bring the creature longevity.


Not only did the vets find coins, but they also found two fishing hooks. Both of which were removed from the turtle.


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This sea turtle called 'Bank' had to have 915 coins removed from its stomach


Bank is currently in recovery and is doing well! Nantarika Chansue,a member of the veterinarian team, stated that they “think it will take a month to ensure she will fully recover.” After her recovery, Bank will then undergo 6 months of physical therapy before she is rereleased into the wild. Due to the power of social media, once the story was released people began donating to help the animal. She has currently received over $428 - none of which were the coins in her tummy.


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