A Look At The Pets Of CSX! - Karen Savelly

Karen Savelly (Weekdays 10am–3pm & Sunday Mornings Over Easy 7am-10am)
Pet Names: Abbey (Rd.) & Penny (Ln.)
Age: 11
Breed: Siamese Shelter Cats

Karen has had cats throughout her life - she even had a cat live until it was 20 years old! The cats she has now are Abbey and Penny, and they both were adopted from shelters (Royal Oak Animal Shelter and Cat Connection) and she has had both of them since they were kittens! Both of her cats love to cuddle, but even more than cuddling Penny loves to eat! Her cats are gorgeous and have the most beautiful blue eyes! Karen loves her little buddies! But her little buddies don't love each other... actually they dislike each other so much that Karen has had to dig a claw out of the others head and frequently finds fur piles from their brawls! Baddddd kitties!