A Look At The Pets Of CSX! - JT

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Pet Name: Tucker
Age: 12
Breed: Mix Beagle/Basset/Sheltie

Quirks: Howls at anything that moves. Spent hundreds of dollars in forms of shelter (Dog Houses, Cages, Carriers, Beds etc...) will not go in any of them. He has an awful concept of his size versus small spaces as he constantly gets stuck under beds, decks, and porches. Will only play what we call "One throw fetch" meaning, if you throw anything and say fetch...he will only get it ONE time and then he's done playing.
Adopted from a Tractor Supply Co. Store who were hosting a "Find a home for Pets" event in front of their store. I went to get yard supplies and came home with a dog. In the photo we had to have a growth removed from his head so I couldn't help but notice that dogs DO take on the looks of their owners over time!