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LISTEN: New Styx Track “Radio Silence”

Styx has released a second track, "Radio Silence," from its upcoming album The Mission

The set, due out June 16, is the Styx's first new studio set in 14 years and is a concept album about a mission to Mars. "Radio Silence" follows the album's first single "Gone Gone Gone," and the group's Tommy Shaw tells us the idea was to make an old school-sounding Styx album that would be familiar to fans of the group's classic material:

"As soon as we got to thinking about a Styx album, what's our favorite era of Styx? To me it's 'Grand Illusion,' 'Pieces of Eight.' That was just the prime; Everybody was in the prime...The idea was, 'Let's make this record and make it as analog as possible. Let's go with a small-room drums, let's do four-string bass, Let's make...sure it sounds like Styx, the Styx that everybody grew up with. So that became the margins for it."

Styx will be touring all summer to promote "The Mission" starting June 10 in Iowa and including dates with REO Speedwagon and Don Felder.


Radio Silence

Radio Silence, a song by Styx on Spotify


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