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And can you blame them! What an awesome show put on by Boston!

WCSX Classic Cuts

Boston: “Don’t Look Back”

The Hook: A godsend for bandleader Tom Scholz.

Album: Don’t Look Back

Year: 1978

Writer: Tom Scholz

Stats: Peaked at number-four on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: “Don’t Look Back” was more than just the title track of Boston’s second album. It was the first single from the follow-up to a debut album that had already sold more than six million. Tom Scholz explains how important it really was to him.

Boston guitarist Tom Scholz on writing “Don’t Look Back.” OC:…that way. :19

“’Don’t Look Back’ was the last song that I finished for the Don’t Look Back album, which was a godsend, because I knew that I did not have the song I needed for that record. It just all happened one night. The whole song came to me – chorus, verse and so forth. It usually doesn’t happen that way.”