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Twitter Is Having Too Much Fun With This Summer Hashtag

The waves of heat are coming and they're pretty much unavoidable.

That's kind of what summertime is all about, the high temperatures and the scorching sun.

Some people love the heat of summer, others aren't all about it.

For those who would rather stay cool, there are plenty of ways you can beat the heat this season. Twitter will tell you. You may even be in for a few chuckles! Can you #BeatTheHeatIn4Words?

Michelle Chandler on Twitter

BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/GlCMM4axjX

BigStateHomeBuyers on Twitter

Hop in the pool #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/NzAYJpVMUb

Elise Strachan on Twitter

Pint of ice cream #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/FjWcsur61P

S Ulery on Twitter

Get to the beach #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/DrxtaT9ybm

Woodway Realty on Twitter

Drink lots of water ???? #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/ANheca5FR1

Caity Hemmerle on Twitter

Never leave the house ☀️ #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/RJwgE9SLhp

Jeff Koslofsky on Twitter

BeatTheHeatIn4Words Pull a Ron Burgundy. https://t.co/2zkBykRMTZ

S Ulery on Twitter

Friends With Water Balloons #BeatTheHeatIn4Words https://t.co/hTF2YoMh6w

Wildwood Flower on Twitter

BeatTheHeatIn4Words drink a cold one https://t.co/gpBWElr6DW

Tom Malvaso on Twitter

BeatTheHeatIn4Words Rely on your instincts https://t.co/sMhmsWaHSv


Sarah Francis is a half-Palestinian journalism junkie, a proud Charlotte, NC native with an oversized sweet tooth, and an active world traveler. Ask her where she's headed next. (@Sarah_Francis25)