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Where's The Rewind Button?

We all wish life came with a rewind button. We've all done things we wish we could take back.

We all dream of spending just one more day with a person we loved who passed away. We all wish we could go back in time when a beloved singer was still performing. And even something simple as being full- yes, for some, it'd be nice to rewind a few hours to enjoy that ricotta, pepperoni pizza again with a hungry stomach. Maybe you want to be a kid again where money didn't matter and major worries didn't take over your entire life.

What if you had just one chance to go back and make a different decision that could completely change your entire future. What would that be? Imagine if you had the opportunity to go back and fix your mistake. Imagine if you could get a second chance. Wouldn't it be so relieving to clean up our past regrets?

If you could press rewind, where would you go? What would you change? What would be different? What does 'rewinding' time mean for you?

Twitter users are responding. Some will make you feel all nostalgic inside, others will leave you with a small chuckle. And many say they wouldn't take a trip back in time as they believe it's their life lessons and mistakes along the way that have made them who they are today.

Jamie Lynn ????????‍♀️ on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I'd go back to all those days I "wasted" as a kid and waste them all over again.

Jmarie on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I would go back to my 20s and be more comfortable in my skin

Rhymes With "Vader" on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind, maybe Blockbuster would still be in business.

????nAmyste⚾️???????????? on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I'd go back to high school and be more of my own advocate instead of just letting people walk all over me.

Shelly????????shamefully on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I would have said hello and kept walking

Molly Ligon on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I would stop myself from being an adult. So far, being an adult is the stupidest thing I've ever done

Bella Esprit on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I'd enjoy the 80's and 90's MTV a bit more!

Suzy E. Sandor on Twitter

IfICouldPressRewind I would not go for that guy who made me so miserable



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