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You’ll Love This List – Top 10 Classic Rock Songs With Lover in the Title!

10. No Tell Lover – Chicago
The little time that we spend together just can’t last forever.

9. Little Lover – AC/DC
I’ve been trying hard to find someone like you.

AC/DC Little Lover

Song: Little Lover Artist: AC/DC Album: High Voltage Lyrics: Saw you in the front row Moving to the beat (Just movin' and groovin') Killed me when I saw The wet patch on your seat (Wasn't Coca Cola) Oh baby I hope you liked the show When the band said good

8. Loverboy – Supertramp
I’ll tell you from the start, he’s gonna break your heart.

7. Little Miss Lover – Jimi Hendrix
Well, I really don’t need any help little girl, but I think you could help me out anyway.

6. To Be A Lover – Billy Idol
Have I told you lately that I love you.

5. Lover Alot – Aerosmith
Don’t you know that she loves you a lot, why don’t you know, don’t you know what you got?

4. My Kinda Lover – Billy Squier
You put the magic in me, I feel the magic when we do what we do.

Billy Squier - My Kinda Lover

Title: My Kinda Lover (track 03) Artist: Billy Squier Album: Don't Say No Year: 1981 Label: Capitol Writer(s): Billy Squier Lyrics: You got me runnin' baby - You give me somethin' way beyond revenue You put the magic in me - I feel the magic when we do what we do And oh...

3. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy – Queen
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings.

2. I Need A Lover – John Mellencamp
Some girl that knows the meaning of ah-Hey hit the highway!

1. Be My Lover – Alice Cooper
Told her that I came from Detroit city and I played guitar in a long haired rock and roll band.