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Boston: "Rock and Roll Band"

The Hook: Every guitarist's fantasy, but just that, a fantasy.

Album: Boston

Year: 1976

Writer: Tom Scholz

Stats: Although the Boston Globe described it as "one of the biggest rock anthems of the 1970s," it was never released as a single. However, it received major FM radio airplay at the time and helped propel Boston's debut album to 17-million in sales.

Background: Not surprisingly, "Rock and Roll Band" tells the story of a rock and roll band. But is it Boston's story? The band's guitarist Tom Scholz, who wrote it, has the answer.

Boston guitarist Tom Scholz on who the song was written about. OC:...to music. :23

"'Rock and Roll Band' was a common fantasy shared by lots of people who I thought probably should have known a little better, but didn't. So I decided I'd have to put it to music and people like to think that that is what happened with Boston. Well, of course, it isn't. I don't think that ever happened with anybody, but it was every guitar player's dream and fantasy put to music."

Boston-Rock and Roll band

Well, we were just another band out of boston On the road to try to make ends meet Playin all the bars, sleepin in our cars And we practiced right on out in the street No, we didnt have much money We barely made enough to survive But when we got up on stage and got ready to play People came alive.