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ROCHDALE, ENGLAND - JANUARY 23: Fyffes bananas are seen for sale inside Rochdale's Morrisons supermarket on January 23, 2017 in Rochdale, England. Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc has over 500 stores in the UK and operates an online home delivery service. Morrisons recently had its best Christmas for seven years after the supermarket chain revamped its premium ranges. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

For the past ten years, researchers in Australia have been working on a new type of banana that could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year, and now it’s here.

Researchers in Australia genetically engineered a new type of banana that’s orange because it’s packed with so much vitamin A.  And a lot of kids in Africa die from a vitamin A deficiency.  So it could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year.

They crossbred two types.  One is a normal Cavendish banana, which is what you’re used to seeing in grocery stores.  The other is a smaller type from New Guinea that’s extremely high in vitamin A.

That’s important, because up to 750,000 children die every year from a vitamin A deficiency, mostly in Africa.  So the new bananas are bigger, easier to grow, and packed with way more vitamin A than the kind people eat in places like Uganda.

The weird part is all that vitamin A makes the bananas orange.  The peel is slightly orange instead of yellow, and the part you eat is orange too.

The next step is trying to grow them on a massive scale in Africa.  The researchers still have another six years of red tape to get through, but it’s looking pretty good right now.