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The Eagles returned to the stage at Classic West for the first time without Glenn Frey and were joined by a special guest for “Heartache Tonight”

Frey’s son Deacon and country singer-guitarist Vince Gill took over on the songs Frey would have sung, with the exception of “Heartache Tonight.” Bob Seger, who worked with the teenaged Frey in Detroit, was called out to sing the hit he wrote with Frey, Don Henley and J.D. Souther.

As he introduced Deacon Frey’s first-ever lead vocal with the band on “Take It Easy,” Joe Walsh said they were dedicating the show to Glenn Frey, who died in January 2016. He told the crowd, “We’re here because of family and you are all part of that family.”

Later, Don Henley introduced both of the band’s additions and thanked Southern California for its support. “In case this is our last dance…It all started here in Los Angeles 46 years ago. Glenn is with us in spirit, and you’re here for the songs that he wrote and that we wrote. Glenn is also here in the form of his son Deacon. Someone else is here, too. Make welcome Vince Gill.”

Wearing Dodger pitcher Kenley Jansen’s number-74 uniform shirt, Deacon Frey addressed the crowd before “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” He said, “This is unbelievable. The last few years have been rough. The only remedy for that is love and I’m feeling it from you tonight. This is my medicine.”

As the song ended, he added, “Anyone out there miss my dad?” as a photograph of Glenn went up on the huge screens behind him. The crowd answered with a long round of applause.

Here is the setlist from Classic West

Eagles (Lead vocalist in parenthesis)

  1. Seven Bridges Road (Ensemble)
  2. Take It Easy (Deacon Frey )
  3. One of These Nights (Don Henley)
  4. Take It to the Limit (Vince Gill)
  5. Tequila Sunrise (Vince Gill )
  6. Witchy Woman (Don Henley)
  7. I Can’t Tell You Why (Timothy B. Schmit)
  8. Lyin’ Eyes (Vince Gill )
  9. Those Shoes (Don Henley)
  10. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Deacon Frey)
  11. Best of My Love (Don Henley)
  12. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Timothy B. Schmit)
  13. New Kid in Town (Vince Gill)
  14. The Last Resort (Don Henley)
  15. Already Gone (Deacon Frey)
  16. In the City (Joe Walsh)
  17. Heartache Tonight (Bob Seger)
  18. Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh)
  19. Funk #49 (Joe Walsh)
  20. Life in the Fast Lane (Don Henley)