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This morning on the show we played 2 truths and one lie again in an attempt to let listeners get to know me.  Two of the things I said were true, and one was a lie.

1. I have two brothers and a sister.
2. My favorite sports are Baseball and Rugby.
3. My husband is from Scotland.

The lie: My husband is from South Africa and not Scotland, hence my love for Rugby. It is the national sport in South Africa and their team is called the “Springboks”. I lived in South Africa with my husband for three years and grew attached to the sport. It is definitely not for the weak. It is a brutal and very physical game.

The truths: I am the youngest of my family, and referred to as the “Brat”. There is a big age gap between my siblings and I. Baseball is also a passion, but I catch slack for my love of the “Boys in Blue”. I love the Dodgers just as much as the “Tigers”. I am going to be torn next month when the bums come to town to Comerica. I might have to wear my “Clayton Kershaw” jersey to one game and wear my “Ian Kinsler” jersey to another. None of my friends want to sit by me at the game if I wear “Dodgers” gear. LOL

We will play again on Thursday for your chance to win tickets to “Ted Nugent” at Freedom Hill. Hope you can join me.


Erin xo

I am Big Jim's work wife.