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Someone in Corpus Christie, Texas was using a Bank of America ATM on Wednesday afternoon.  And where the receipt usually comes out, they got a handwritten note instead.

A repairman in Corpus Christie, Texas got locked in a room behind an ATM on Wednesday, and started passing notes through the receipt slot that said, “Please help.  I’m stuck in here.”  A few people thought it was a prank.  But someone finally took it seriously, and cops had to knock the door down to rescue him.

The note said, “Please help.  I’m STUCK in here.  I don’t have my phone.  Please call my boss.”  Then there was a phone number at the end.  And it turned out it wasn’t a prank.  Someone really was trapped in there.


A repairman was working in a room behind the ATM when he accidentally locked himself inside.  And he left his phone in his truck, so he couldn’t call for help.