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INDIO, CA - APRIL 26: George Thorogood and The Destroyers perform onstage during day three of 2015 Stagecoach, California's Country Music Festival, at The Empire Polo Club on April 26, 2015 in Indio, California. (Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

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George Thorogood: “Move It On Over”

The Hook:
Just another cover from his live set that he didn’t take particularly seriously when he recorded it.

Album: Move It On Over

Year: 1978

Writer: Hank Williams

Stats: Although the song received hefty FM rock radio airplay at the time of its release and after, when it came out in 1978, there was no album rock radio chart in Billboard.

Background: George Thorogood tells us he wasn’t really going for hits, radio or otherwise, when he recorded songs like Hank Williams’s “Move It On Over.” To him, it was just another cover that helped fill up his live show, even though it ended up becoming the title track of his second album.

George Thorogood on thinking of “Move It on Over” as just another throwaway from their live set when he recorded it. OC:…on Over. :23

“I didn’t realize how many people were listening to me at the time. ‘Move It On Over’ again was just another song we had in our repertoire just to make our show longer in a bar. I mean we had our first set, maybe set and a half of material we showcased. People sat and listened. They got up and danced about halfway or three-quarters of the way through our second set. And the last set was always just songs you’ve heard before, or ones we didn’t really take that seriously. Songs like ‘Move It On Over.’”

Move it on Over - George Thorogood

I come in last night about half past ten That baby of mine wouldn't let me in So move it on over. Rock it on over Move over little dog, a mean, old dog is movin' in She told me not to mess around But I done let the deal go down Move it on over.