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A little girl from London was just trying to pass the long summer days and catch up on her  entrepreneurial side until her business became illegal.A five year old London girl and her father set up a lemonade stand on the side of the street in London as came out of it with a 246 dollar fine. As she was selling lemonade a few police officers approached her and her father to let them know that what they were doing was illegal and proceeded to ticket the two.

The ticket was for operating without a permit and warranted at 246 dollar fine for the father. Obviously the daughter had no idea what she had done wrong and began to cry but not even her tears could stop the police for laying down the law.


5-year-old girl fined £150 by council for selling homemade lemonade

A council forced to apologise to a 5-year-old entrepreneur, after fining her for selling lemonade. Andre Spicer says his daughter was selling drinks to festival goers heading to LoveBox near her home in Mile End last weekend, when overzealous council officials rocked up and shut it down for not having a permit.