Big Jim’s Garage

We see a lot of stories about criminals who get pulled over for things like broken taillights.  But this is a whole new category of stupid . . .Someone in Upstate New York called the cops on Monday to report a “suspicious vehicle” about 40 miles southeast of Buffalo.

And when cops saw it at an intersection, they knew they had the right car, because it had no windshield, no doors, no license plates . . . and there was an AX embedded in the roof.  (???)

It’s not clear how the ax got there or WHY it was there.  But the driver was on multiple substances.

21-year-old Jared Price was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs . . . and driving while impaired by a COMBINATION of drugs and alcohol.

They also cited him for driving without plates . . . without a registration . . . without insurance . . . and without a front windshield.