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It's A White Trash State According To One Website......

After pouring over data, has determined these are the most White trash cities in Michigan.


Population: 134,196-Estimated White trash: 24,367
Estimated Meth Heads: 7,513


Population: 33,436-Estimated White trash: 8,999
Estimated meth heads: 1,365


Population: 63,949-Estimated White trash: 15,283
Estimated meth heads: 2,946-High school dropouts: 17%

4.Bay City-

Population: 34,415-Estimated White trash: 7,979
Estimated meth heads: 1,213-Assaults ranking: 5th in MI


Population: 15,691-Estimated White trash: 3,225
Estimated meth heads: 934


Population: 10,699-Estimated White trash: 2,265
Estimated meth heads: 864


Population: 21,517-Estimated White trash: 5,675
Estimated meth heads: 1,312-Deadbeat dads: 7%


Population: 6,537-Estimated White trash: 1,345
Estimated meth heads: 775-Drug use: 15th in MI


Population: 11,437-Estimated White trash: 2,444
Estimated meth heads: 954-Drug use: 9th in MI

10.Port Huron-

Population: 30,904-Estimated White trash: 6,204
Estimated Meth Heads: 1,497


Using publicly available government data, as well as Google Maps, were able to collect the data on the following white trash metrics:

Cities where there are lots of white people
Cities where residents are poorer than average
Cities where a high number of residents are high school dropouts
Cities with a high number of single parents
High drug use
Higher than average Payday Loan Outlets
Violent cities (measured in aggravated assaults)
Cities with a high number of residents on welfare

If you’re curious enough, here are the least white trash places in Michigan:

  1. Beverly Hills
  2. Rochester Hills
  3. Huntington Woods