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In the Market to Purchase a Creepy Clown Motel? You're in Luck!

Located in Tonopah, Nevada is a motel that will freak out any person with a clown phobia.

Named the Clown Motel, the creepy lodging has been on the top of the list for Scariest Motels by Road Trippers. The best part is that it can be yours for just $900,000!

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As soon as you arrive at the location, you will quickly notice how every wall is covered with clown memorabilia. This also includes above your bed! To make matters even worse, a creepy clown will be watching you sleep.

Nevada's Clown Motel Is the Scariest Motel in America

For many, Tonopah, Nevada is just a place to fuel up on the way to Vegas, but one building at the edge of town offers more than just gasoline... it offers nightmare fuel. Tremble in fear ahttps://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=m0I1ryW8qG0t the most terrifying motel in the world: The Clown Motel. INFO: http://goo.gl/yz36oU

According to the Toronto Sun, the motel has originally purchased by Bob Perchetti. He opened the business between Las Vegas and Reno about 20 years ago. All of the clown decorations came from his family’s home. Perchetti told Las Vegas Now that he “loves clowns” and he has “never had a problem” with the funny profession.

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When the Clown Motel is adjacent to the town cemetery. #Creepy

Not everyone shares the same fascination with clowns. To make matters worse, Fortune notes that the motel is also located on a historic miner’s cemetery. The cemetery has been featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and is regarded as being high on the paranormal activity list.

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Oh and there's a cemetery steps away from the motel. #ClownMotel #onassignment

Those guests staying in the motel not only get to stare at clowns, but also can try to sleep peacefully knowing that a ghost may invade their space. The combination of cemetery and clowns sounds like the start of a horror movie!

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The reason why Perchetti is placing his business for sale is that he wants to retire. He told Fortune that he is “going to miss the clowns”, but is looking forward to “going fishing and camping with his grandkids.” Those owners who buy the motel from Perchetti have to promise that they will keep the clown motif. That way, he can visit his old, creepy faces any day of the week.


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