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A couple enjoying a dinner date by candlelight in a restaurant, late 1970s. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

First dates are always hard to pull off, but if you do these 10 things you can pretty much bet you won’t get a second one!

Here are the Top 10 Restaurant Pet Peeves For First Dates according to the Daily Mirror

1 Clicking your fingers for the waiter’s attention

2 Talking with your mouth full

3 Being too loud and raucous

4 Wiping hands on the tablecloth

5 Blowing your nose in a napkin

6 Letting children come and go as they please from the table

7 Licking a knife

8 Letting children listen to videos on a phone

9 Texting at the table

10 Answering/making a phone call