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The Greatest Car Movies ever?

I'm not so sure about this list...the fine folks at Vulture have put together a list of "The 33 Greatest Car Movies Ever Made" -- here's the link to the list

The only condition being that a car plays a key role, so that in a way, it’s sort of a main character.

For car movie franchises like “The Fast and the Furious”, they limited it to just one from each and for that one they chose “Fast Five”, which came in at Number Eight. Here’s their top five:

  1. “Taxi Driver”, 1976
  2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”, 2015
  3. “Two-Lane Blacktop”, 1971
  4. “Repo Man”, 1984
  5. “Collateral”, 2004

What happened to Bullitt? LeMans? Smokey and The Bandit? or what about this GREAT movie with James Brolin?

The Car, trailer from 1977

James Brolin stars in this one from 1977. When I was a kid this movie scared the pants off of me and mainly because of that one scene in the beginning where the car runs over this hippie two or three times, - it's pretty gruesome!