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WCSX Classic Cuts : Can't Get Enough

WCSX Classic Cuts

Bad Company: "Can't Get Enough"

The Hook: Just because it's not right for Mott the Hoople doesn't mean it's no good, Mick.

Album: Bad Company

Year: 1974

Writer: Mick Ralphs

Stats: Peaked at number-five on the Billboard Hot 100

Background: One of rock's early supergroups, Bad Company was started by Free's former singer and drummer, Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke, Mott the Hoople's guitarist Mick Ralphs and ex-King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell. Rodgers recalls how the band's first single, "Can't Get Enough" came about.

Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers on “Can’t Get Enough.” OC:…a hit [laughs]. :20

“’Can’t Get Enough’ was when Mick Ralphs and I were thinking of getting Bad Company together one of the songs he came up with. And he was quite shy about this song. It had been kind of rejected by Mott the Hoople because it really wasn’t up their street, but it was right up my street, actually. So I said to him, ‘Yeah, come on, let’s do this song.’ And it was a hit.”

Bad Company - "Cant Get Enough" (Official Music Video)

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