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Bob Seger: “Turn the Page”

The Hook: He thought it had limited appeal and had no inkling it would end up as one of his most popular songs.

Albums: Back in ’72 (original studio version), Live Bullet (best-known version)

Years: 1973 (studio), 1976 (live)

Writer: Bob Seger

Stats: Never charted as a single. The live version has become a Classic Rock radio staple.

Background: Bob Seger says he had no idea whatsoever at the time he wrote it that “Turn the Page” would eventually become one of the most popular songs in his catalog.

Bob Seger on having no idea “Turn the Page” would strike the chord with people that it did. OC:…person whatever. :26

“I thought it was a rather oddball song and I thought it was a rather narrow appeal song. I thought truckers would love it. Traveling salesman would love it — people who were on the move a lot, people who travel a lot for a living. And it struck a chord with people. So I don’t know what people take from them, but I’ve always tried to write something that had some germ of universality – I felt that way, I’ve been there, I’ve know that person, whatever.”