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Producer Ryan’s Mom’s birthday is today and over the weekend she got a present she’ll never forget. *NSFW*

Ryan’s family bought their mom a hot air balloon ride for her Birthday, but the ride went a little different than everyone thought.

The take off and most of the flight was the easy part but when they started to run out of gas was where the problems started. The balloon began to run out of air while getting to the end of their trip and because you can’t control where the balloon goes they ended up making a crash landing on a 2 lane road in Howell.

As the Balloon began to come down, Ryan’s dad Rick had to shield Liz and push away branches as they began to hit some trees, they ended up hitting the ground hard and tipping over. Passing cars began to stop and get out to help his parents and get the massive balloon off of the road. His parents were all right and will have a story to share for a lifetime.

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