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The Clash: “Lost in the Supermarket”

The Hook: Joe Strummer wrote the chorus, but had no verses, until Mick Jones wrote them in no time flat.

Album: London Calling

Year: 1979

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones

Stats: Never released as a single.

The Background: As with “London Calling,” the late Joe Strummer recalled how it took his writing partner Mick Jones to really turn “Lost in the Supermarket” into a complete song.

Clash frontman Joe Strummer on how he and Mick Jones came up with “Lost in the Supermarket.” OC:…a song. :24

“Often I’m singing Jonesy lyrics and ‘Lost in the Supermarket’ was one of mine. I only had he chorus, the words and the music – I just sat there and played the chorus. And I think I had some lyrics for the verses, but I thought it was something that we should discard. But it was Jonesy who said, ‘Keep playing that,’ and in two minutes flat he popped that beautiful verse in and the next thing we know we were looking at a song.”