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It’s the Halloween Season! Why not dip into your spookier side.

In a recent picture taken in a Colorado hotel, it may just prove that ghosts are real. While taking a spirit tour at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, The Mausling Family were taking photos of the location. When they were taking photos, they noticed something spooky lingering in the 108-year-old location.

John “Jay” Mausling notices a see-through figure of a young girl walking down the stairs. Now if you’re thinking “well, it must have been a little girl walking down the stairs!” John Mausling told the Huffington Post that there “were no young girls in their 11-member party or on the tour.”

Jay and his wife went on to write “At first we tried to be logical and think we somehow missed her so we asked out kids, their girlfriends and our friend if they remembered seeing a little girl, nobody did. We do not remember seeing anything on the stairs when we took the picture.”

Quite spooky, right? In the photograph, it looks as though the little girl is blonde and is wearing a long, white dress.

Even though it looks as though Jay caught a real ghost on camera, there’s something else in the photo that looks curious. If you notice on the other side of the stairwell, there are a series of other blurred figures. The only difference is these figures look as though they are a part of the tour. If you look close, one of the blurred photos is holding a cell phone!

By golly! I think I may have captured a #ghost at #StanleyHotel. #EstesPark

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Whichever you believe, the Stanley Hotel is known for their ghostly sightings. Just last year, another photo of a blurred figure in a gown was making headlines. To matters more supernatural, this hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s 1977 book “The Shining”.

Regardless of if it’s haunted or not, it’s definitely spooky location.


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