Big Jim’s Garage

Saw this ad on Craigslist in Baltimore — who wouldn’t want this car? $50,000 for a Viper rated well over 800hp of V10 fury. Check out some of the photos and the entire listing here

For sale is my Supercharged 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10. It is a rare car in itself because there were only 320 white w/ blue stripe RT’s produced from 1996-1999. Original paint and interior. 2 owner car (I am the 2nd) and this car has been maintained and cared for as it is meant to be. 

I purchased the car already Supercharged (initial work was performed by Dallas Performance and then had an AEM Infinity installed by RSI and was retuned and dyno’ at 707rwhp). I decided to add some more goodies shortly after I purchased it. The car is currently running with 3 available custom tunes (93 octane @ 820 rwhp and Fuse Ignitor 116 octane @ 907 rwhp and e85 @ 937 rwhp)