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388372 02: File Photo: The Aircraft And Crew Of The Twin Otter Arrive At The Nsf's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station To Provide Medical Supplies April 24, 2001 For The First Part Of A Dangerous Mission To Rescue Dr. Ronald Shemenski Who Is Suffering From A Potentially Life-Threatening Gall Bladder Ailment. After Successfully Rescuing The Ailing American Doctor From The Icy South Pole, The Plane Then Brought Him To Safety In Punta Arenas, Chile, April 26, 2001. (Photo By Getty Images)

A single-engine plane made an emergency landing on a busy highway in New Jersey, about 30 miles north of Atlantic City. But somehow the pilot missed all the cars, and a camera on an overpass got it on video.
He started having engine problems at 4,000 feet, and couldn’t make it to an airport. So he landed on the road, and then managed to swerve onto the median where there was a long patch of grass.
A skydiving instructor on board ended up with a cut on his arm, and the plane has some damage from hitting a few road signs, but that’s it.