Covering Tom Petty - So Many Greats!

One sign of a great classic rock artist is other musicians covering their originals. Tom Petty's music has been recreated by so many musicians from a wide variety of genres. His songs have been covered by Johnny Cash, Def Leppard, and Poison, just to name a few. Even Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have covered his songs. Check out Stevie Nick's version of "Free Fallin." Rest in Peace, Tom Petty! You are sorely missed.

Stevie Nicks - Free Fallin' (Tom Petty Song)

Stevie Nicks, known as the singer of Fleetwood Mac, did this beautiful cover of Tom Petty's song for her 3-CD-box set "Enchanted", which includes various songs from 1973 to 1997. Love it.